Memories Laced with Virtual Reality

Source | There have been many advancements in photography over the years, but most have been innovations in camera tech or image type — including panoramic pictures being easy to snap with a smartphone. According to an article in Engadget, Flickr seized an opportunity to take panoramic photos to the next level, debuting a[…]


3 Ways Money is Getting Smarter

Source | If you’ve already started your holiday shopping, you probably noticed all of the different payment options at checkout. Gone are the days of wallets that runneth over a la Seinfeld’s George Costanza. Personal finance has been following in the footsteps of the broader financial industry with smart solutions designed to enhance the[…]


Spinning the Wheels

Source | Winter might be winding down, but testing of the performance of autonomous cars in inclement weather will continue over time. Attaching the concept of autonomy to a car implies that it should be able to react and adapt to all weather conditions. With most driverless car tests happening in sunny California, it begs[…]


A Beginner’s Guide to Virtual Reality

Source | Virtual reality (VR) might feel futuristic, but it is very much a technology of today. As the VR industry gains traction, so, too, does the 3D device market;different variations of VR accessories — headsets and glasses — continue to hit the market, with entry-level options starting around $20. Not sure if you’re ready[…]


Tech Trends to Look For at SXSW

Source | South by Southwest (SXSW) has catapulted into a mega conference over the years, as tech enthusiasts take over Austin, Texas and its surrounding areas to network, innovate and exhibit the latest trends in technology. We’re making the trek to Austin for SXSW Interactive (March 11-15), and whether you’re there, too, or following[…]


Realty Meets Virtual Reality

Source | Thanks to reality television programming, the real estate industry has wedged itself between the worlds of entertainment and investment. Buyers today have resources like Zillow and Trulia, which have transformed house hunting – making it as simple as the click of a mouse to review available housing inventory. No matter the climate of[…]


Big Data and Public Education

Source | Analytics are the key to giving researchers an infinite amount of data about their subjects, but what happens when these subjects are children in a public school? According to an article in Education Week, data can be collected from anything — from cameras recording kids in school to trackers that monitor heart[…]


SXSW: Google Self-Driving Car Project Session

Source | Autonomous automobiles have been a hot topic at SXSW, and Google added to the excitement with its session on the subject, led by Chris Urmson, Director of Self-Driving Cars at Google[x]. Urmson discussed the future and past evolutions of the driverless car, with a focus on data collection and the learned behaviors these[…]


Five Ways Virtual Reality Is Reshaping Industries

Source | It’s rare that a consumer technology is a giant leap forward rather than the next iterative step. Virtual reality represents just that kind of leap. With the spring launch of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, as well as the imminent release of Sony’s PlayStation VR, high-end virtual reality has arrived. Add to[…]