Istanbul Technical University Macka Campus, Macka, 34357, Istanbul

Faculty of Management, English Preparation School, Language and History of Revolution Department, Turkish Music Conservatory, ITU Foundation Offices and ITU Social Facilities are settled at the Macka Campus. The campus offers facilities such as ITU social facility, the Guesthouse for local and international guests, Restaurant and tennis courts. The campus has a Kinder garden and Day Care Center belonging to the University. The cable car operating between Taskısla and Macka campuses provide ITU students a very important utility.

Units at the Macka Campus

  • Faculty of Management
  • School of Foreign Languages
  • Turkish Music Conservatory
  • ITU Foundation Offices

Directions to the Macka Campus

Macka Campus is located between Besiktas and Nisantası line. To reach the campus, public transport vehicles coming from Besiktas to Nisantası can be used. To come from Taksim, the cable car operating between Taksim and Macka can be an option.